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Important Things You Need to Know About the Application Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicines use stem cells and biomaterials to cure parts of the body that are not function properly. Regenative medicine can be differentiated from traditional medicine because it treats the root cause of the disease by replacing the damaged cells. Stem cell therapy is a treatment method that is meant to reduce pain or heal injuries. To get the stem cells therapies, a patient often receives cell through an injection. The most common types of disease that are treated using these types of cell are arthritis, injuries, and skeletal or muscular system injuries. Mesenchymal stem cells are the most widely used stem cells in regenerative medicine. On the bone marrow and other tissues such as fallopian tubes, you will find Mesenchymal stem cell . This type of cells can differentiate to form bones, tendons, muscles or skin. Mesenchymal stem cells have a high capacity of self-renewal while still maintaining high multipotency.
Human being have very many stem cells, and some these cells are located on the bone marrow Thne e chief function of the stem cell is to repair and maintain the body. For any cell that requires maintenance, stem cells can be modified to that specific cells. The equilibrium at which the body is damaged, and the rate at which it repairs itself is usually balanced when a person has enough stem cell in his/her body. As one age, the number of stem cells that are in his/her body reduces in number. Aging bring imbalance between the damage and repair due to decrease of the number of stem cells. A person, therefore, suffers disease such as arthritis, chronic pain, and injuries because of this low count of stem cells.
There are parts of the body that still have reserves of stem cell even a person is old. These include the hip bone and the fat around the buttocks. In the stem cell therapy, the medical doctor typically inject stem cells to the affected part from the reserve parts. The growth factors that are secreted by stem cells are used to trigger the repair of the damaged. Mesenchymal stem cells therapy is given in various medical centers. Active Integrated Medical Center is an example of those medical centers that focus on safe admiration of Mesenchymal stem cells therapy.
Many types of patient uses Mesenchymal stem cells therapy. People with trauma and those who are injured are the primary beneficiaries of Mesenchymal stem cells therapy. Another category of patients who require this therapy are the ones who are suffering from bone cancer because they can be given bone marrow transplant with stem cells. Another type of people who can benefit from stem cell therapy are people who want to reverse the aging process.

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